Embrace Your Risk

It's More Than A Technical Tool

  • Discover

    Scan targets to discover unknown areas of risk including: Data Sensitivity, Vulnerability, Secure Configuration, Host Integrity

  • Mitigate

    Other Solutions only identify the risks leaving mitigation to you. We overcome this through simple assignment of accountability via our mitigation engine.

  • Understand

    Classify, Rank, Prioritize and Grade your risks so that there are no hidden surprises.

  • Manage

    Understand and Measure your progress, meet your resolution deadlines, set achievable goals.

Your Sensitive Data is the Cash Crop of Cybercriminals.

  • Protecting your sensitive data is only possible when you know what to protect. Whether you are providing services or just doing business, everyone has risks.

  • Your organization is responsible for and is expected to protect their organization from risk. Consequences for the compromise or breach is extreme! What makes this a challenge is the spread of data within the organization. It can be stored on laptops, within email messages, databases, even within the cloud. An inventory of all risks has become a common requirement of any organization.

  • Until now, scanning and taking a complete, detailed inventory of all your risks was limited to organizations with resources. Cyber Risk Management solutions have traditionally been a very high cost undertaking with complex and lengthy implementations.

  • Other Cyber Risk Management tools will identify and report on areas of critical and sensitive risks, but that's where they stop. What does this mean? Once you have the report identifying the type of risk, you are left with a mountain of mitigation work in order to legitimately protect the organization from compromise or breach.

  • Simply identifying and reporting about vulnerabilities, sensitive data, poor configurations, and other areas of risk is not enough. Traditional Cyber Risk Management tools indicate where there are risks with the assumption that you can take steps to reduce them. But the actual workload can be daunting. Because of the enormity of effort, risk mitigation is quite often left incomplete leaving your organization exposed.

The Solution: CYRISMA

Not only uncover Cyber Risks but MANAGE the protection
of your critical data!

Not Just another Cyber Risk Management Platform

  • Organizations without knowledge of cyber risks have a major source of exposure
    Cyber Risk Management solutions are traditionally:
    • Complex to Set Up.
    • Very High Cost.
    • Traditionally out of reach for most organizations.
    • AND, they only uncover Cyber Risks and not always provide workflows to Manage it!
  • CYRISMA Addresses these issues!
    Why CYRISMA over other Solutions?
    • Guided Setup
    • Easy to use interface
    • Data Collection in a short period of time
      • Risk Discovery
        • Data Sensitivity
        • Vulnerability Identification
        • Secure Configuration
        • Host Integrity
    • Security Rating Scoring
      • Individual Grades:
        • Data Sensitivity
        • Vulnerabilities
        • Configuration
        • Host Integrity
      • Overall Risk Grade
        • Target Risk Matrix
    • Compliance Tracker
    • Mitigation
      • Accountability Assignment
      • Risk Reduction
  • Meaningful Progress with Accountability
    Cyber risks are ranked, organized, and scored providing instant visibility into your compliance progress.
    • Reports indicate specific areas of weakness. Risks are scored and presented so that essential and relevant weaknesses are easy to identify, classify and organize.
    • Mitigation plans manage the elimination of risks and provide a window for executive leadership to monitor progress and confidently meet compliance deadlines.
    • Mitigation progress is highly visible offering leadership teams a clear accountability path to risk resolution.

At A Glance

  • Discover
    Sensitive Data

    Reduce the footprint of discovered sensitive data stored throuout your organization

  • Find

    Eliminate discovered vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

  • Fortify Configuration

    Strengthen your baseline configurations as part of your overall defense-in-depth strategy

  • Monitor Host Integrity

    Receive alerts of unexpected system changes to further minimize risks and exposure

  • Manage

    Create mitigation plans that engage accountability and provide meaningful risk reduction metrics

Mitigation and Resolution - The Serious Advantage of CYRISMA

The strength of CYRISMA is not simply discovering and reporting Cyber Risk but RESOLVING those risks. This solution offers a single interface to identify, report, summarize and manage risks. Traditional methods of cyber risk management rely on a collection of separate and costly solutions that generate a mountain of disconnected reports that must be manually addressed. Many organizations simply don’t have the resources or manpower to reach their compliance goals as a result.

Data Spotlite goes far beyond simply identifying areas of risk...
  • CYRISMA has built-in tools to guide your organization through risk mitigation and resolution.
  • Security Administrators assign Risk Mitigation Responsibilities to those responsible and accountable for identified areas of risk.
  • CYRISMA helps to meets specific regulatory controls such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST, etc. This aids organizations to make meaningful and measurable progress towards their compliance goals.
  • Mitigation progress is monitored and measured with visible performance indicators to guide your Security Team toward targeted completion goals.

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